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With a name like that, he's gotta be fast LOL.  DocsGloCuttersFrosty will be the first stud horse to live at Allamosta.  With bloodlines like his we may not ever need another.  Double bred Doc Bar with a little Frosty Feature and a dash of Peppy San and you've got a heck of a combination.

Doc was bred to be a cutting horse, but since I have no cattle to train him with, he will most likely end up a reigning horse.  I have big plans for him, but first we need to build up some points and since his great grand daddy was a world class halter horse I suppose that will be a great place to start.  Of course I will have to halter break him first.

Doc is only a yearling which gives me plenty of time to decide what direction we want to go with him.  He will eventually be bred to Amira, but I will not start breeding him until he is at least 5 or 6 just to keep him settled.  Unless of course it looks like we may loose Amira before that.

This little fella would make an awesome match for Amira's grace and beauty.  I can't wait to see what their babies will look like.  He should hopefully give her babies some size without being so big that she can't safely carry them.  A half Arabian half Quarter Horse combination from Doc and Amira will be something to see.

Hubby sais not to get my hopes up too high for him.  I say "with a face like this who wouldn't"  he is absolutely adorable.  He is supposed to be a gray which means that he should eventually lose the dark color you see now.  I am not sure when but most likely after this winter coat sheds off or perhaps next winter.  I wouldn't be heartbroken if he never loses it even with as much as I have always wanted a gray.

You can see some of his gray showing through even now around his belly, his nose, and his legs.  I love the Star Strip Snip on his face.  It reminds me of another great horse I once owned, TSR Strawbaby.  She was a mean one, but one heck of a cow eatin b.... uuummm well lets just say she was a great cow horse.  Babe was huge, hopefully Doc will be a bigun too.  Already he looks fairly good sized. 

Once again I bought a horse without actually looking at him in person.  I really must be losing it.  But then who could resist those eyes.  they are so gentle and kind.  He will be a great horse some day.

I have been considering nominating him for the ARHA futurity.  If I nominate him before December 1 of his yearling year it will only cost me $2,000.  If I wait until he is 2 it will cost me $3,000 and so on.  He makes an excelent prospect, but I just don't have that kind of money.  The person wo actually nominates him will receive 5% of his winnings at the futurity even if the horse is sold, but judging by the cost of things I doubt I will ever be able to compete him in something like that.  The payout must be huge which, of course, means the compitition will be tough.

He has a nice rear end already.  He doean't appear to be turning his toes out.  I wish the pictures showed a little more of the dirt behind him right here so I could see if there are any issues as far as his gait is concerned.  As it is I don't see anything that would concern me in this manner. 

Doc comes from South Dakota and is sired by Fred's father as well.  His dam is sed to be one of the best brood mares owned by this breeder.  It was the breeder at Colored Horse Ranch that found him for me.  I hope she made a little from the deal as well.  Heh I am sure she did. 

He is at her ranch now.  YAY this saves me the trouble of getting him a coggins or health certificates since he has already crossed state lines and that should have already been done saving me the expense and trouble.  I will pick Doc up at the same time as Fred which will make everything a whole lot easier.  The only troublesome part now is the trailer.

Hubby, being the troublesome, opinionated, pain in the but that he is believes that he will convince two horses, that have not even been halter broke, to load and ride in a standard two horse trailer without souring them at all.  I am not so confident.  Actually I can pretty much guarantee it will not happen. 

I have worked with yearlings and studs before.  Actually I had the pleasure of working with a very handsome Blue Roan Hancock horse in '97' (along with numberous others) when I worked for Roy Cleveland at Notquita Ranch in Brule Nebraska.

I didn't work there long though.  Unfortunately my father got really sick and at the time we were afraid he wouldn't make it so I came home.  A person doesn't get many chances to work with someone as well known as Roy Cleveland so that decision fairly well ended my horse career.  Well that and others.  Time to begin again, this time the right way.  With my children, my husband, and some real good stock.  Wish us luck.

And now.....A little of his pedigree.

sire Truckle Feature (Truly Truckle (TB))

Frosty Feature

 Miss Leo Frost (Leo)

Dorky Frosty Spark 

dam Benito Bar Jack (Docs Benito Bar x Doc Bar x Two Eyed Jack)

Dorky Benito Bar 

 Dorky (Tonto Bar Ted x Tontos Bar Hank)
(2009 Gray Colt)

sirePeppy San (Leo San x Leo)

Peppy Docsan 

Docs Madonna (Doc Bar x Two Eyed Jack)

Doc Cutters Glo

damBaron Jack (Baron Bell x Baron Reed)

That's Glos Lady

Cutters Glo (King Glos Diamond x King Glos Chick)

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