Lets Get Froggy!!!  

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Yesterday I showed you all of the mammal type pets, now it's time for the amphibian type pets.  Introducing Kermit, he's the largest of the 3 that are currently with us.  Tiny, another one of my daughters pets.  We can always tell her pets because they are the most active and hungry of the group.  Tiny is the middle sized frog that is flitting around looking for more foods.  And of course we can not forget about Frogzilla.  He is the smallest of the bunch.  Zilla is my sons pet and of course is the more timid of them all.  He pretty much just hangs out by his little froggy self and snatches up all the food that the others left behind.

We are expecting two new additions to our froggy family soon.  We will be adding one new baby frog to the main tank, and one tadpole to the tadpools.  I will get new video of the frog tanks sometime after that.  You may always request pictures if you would like to see the tadpole or frogs before I upload to the blog.  Just post in the comments.

My camera wasn't able to get any decent still pictures of the three so we are trying the video.  This video was taken with my Canon still camera.  The batteries were dead in my video camera.  To be completely honest I don't even know exactly where it is at the moment anyway.  I do hope you enjoy watching them.  I think they are pretty cool myself.  I won't feed them though because they keep trying to bite me.  We don't know why Tiny thinks I am dinner, but every time I feed them he all but jumps out of the tank to get me.  I won't even stick my hands in with him around because I think he wants to gum me to death.

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