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WOW I feel like such an idiot right now.  While I was well aware of the need for a Coggins test to bring a horse across any state line, I was unaware of Wyoming's laws regarding ownership and transport of the horse once it's here.  I'll give you the rundown of what all I have to do in order to bring my mare over to live with me.

A Coggins test must be completed and all paperwork in my hand at the time of transport.  The Coggins test checks for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA) antibodies in the horse's blood. Blood samples must be sent to a state approved laboratory. This test is often needed to take your horse to a show and whenever you transport your horse across state lines. It is to prove to others your horse is safe to be around their horses. Some states now require a negative Coggins test on a horse before he can be sold. Before you travel check to see how recent a test is required because it differs from place to place.

Once you have a negative Coggins further testing is not required for your own peace of mind. Your horse will not become EIA positive unless he develops a serious, febrile illness after contact with a horse of unknown EIA status. You may be required to have a test done yearly to show or transport your horse, so other people will know your horse is safe.

A Destination Certificate of Health must be completed and all paperwork in my hand at the time of transport.  The Health Certificate is acquired from your veterinarian and certifies that the animal you are transporting is in good health and not carrying and infectious diseases that are not covered by the Coggins test.  The Destination to which you are traveling and the Coggins certificate number must be present on the Health Certificate. 

These are standard requirements for crossing all State Lines whether you have a brand inspection or not.  I was very aware that I would have to get all of this paperwork ready before she could be moved.  It's what I am going to tell you next that had me completely by surprise.

A brand inspection must be completed for all horses living/traveling within Wyoming, Colorado, and several other states.  This means that once Amira is moved to Cheyenne I have to take Amira, the Coggins certificate, and Health Certificate to the brand inspector to have another inspection done.  Once this has been done I can move her freely throughout the state of Wyoming and several other states.  Travel to other states still requires a current Coggins (lasts about 1 year) and a current Health Certificate (lasts about 30 days).  I never needed the brand inspection before because there no brand laws where horses are concerned in Nebraska.

What a pin in the patouki.  It's just a good thing that I was trying to find out how much it would cost to have a brand registered to Allamosta.  Had I not been researching that I would never have discovered that Wyoming requires brand inspections on all livestock whether they are branded or not.  The fines if you do not have a brand inspection before crossing county lines/state lines far outweigh the cost of the inspection itself (approximately $25 - $500+ and they can keep your horse until the proper paperwork is turned in) so there is no real reason why one shouldn't be done.

The cost for a lifetime brand inspection in Cheyenne,WY is $18 plus $9 travel if the inspector has to come to you.  The inspection fee varies from county to county so be sure to check with your brand office before moving any livestock in your area.  The lifetime inspection will last for as long as you own the horse.  If you transfer ownership a new inspection has to be done in the new owners name.  I am not sure yet if you have to report the death of the animal or not.  Note to self: check on death reporting requirements when inspection is done.

The fines for crossing state lines without a Coggins test or Health Certificate also far outweigh the cost of having one done.  The actual cost will depend on your veterinarian.  Pioneer Animal Clinic in Scottsbluff, Nebraska will charge me $31 for the standard Coggins test,takes about 4 days to get the results back, or $49 for the quick test which takes up to 2 days for results.  The Health Certificate will cost an additional $11 and will add one more day to how long it takes to get my certificates back.  A health Certificate can not be done without a current Coggins test.

If I need my Vet to travel out to the location of my horse it will cost an additional $3.70 per mile.   This is not very practical for me since the horse is some 30 miles away from the Veterinarian's office.  The total fee would cost about $111 one way so a total of approximately $222 to travel out and back.  In this instance it will actually be cheaper for me to pay my fuel costs to drive from Cheyenne, WY to Bayard, NE get my horse and take her from Bayard, NE to Scottsbluff, NE. then back the way we came to wait for the results and return the next week to pick her up for the trip home.

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