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Frosty Bar Red Glo will be one of the first horses to move out to Allamosta.  She comes from a breeding facility near Devils Tower Wyoming.  Colored Horse Ranch offers horses of all sizes, ages, and colors.  I found them by accident on Craigs list while I was snooping for horses for myself and the kids.

I fell in love with Fred almost instantly.  If you are wondering why I chose to call her Fred take a look at her registered name.  Fred comes from Frosty (F) and Red (RED) making Fred.  Hubby and kids are not happy with that choice in names, but if I call her Fred often enough they will just start doing it and it will all be settled.

I like Fred, it's really kind of an inside joke.  Hubby's father always calls him Fred and now I have a horse called Fred.  Actually there is this Anime that I like and one of the main characters is a girl named Ed who has a Welsh Corgi named Ein (note to self, get a Welsh Corgi next).  Then there is one of my all time favorite TV Series Angel.  Toward the end of the series there was a girl whose name was Fred (Winifred).  By the end of the series she was turned into a demon of sorts and wore a red outfit.  Ok so by the time she wore this outfit, Fred was gone and Illyria was inhabiting her body, but who's keeping track?

Not that I am comparing her to a horse or anything, but they both have very delicate facial features and are quite strong.  Yes I think Fred is a good name for Frosty Feature Red Glo.

Fred is a little dirty in most of her pictures, but she will shine up nicely.  She has a nice head on her and a good wide chest.  Fred has never really been worked with so I will have to break her in before letting the kids use her.

Technically she is a family horse (meaning MINE!) but I picked her out for my son to ride.  She has such soft gentle eyes and excellent breeding.  I am rarely ever wrong about a horses potential, I hope I haven't lost my touch.

I have a small confession to make though.  I actually bought her sight unseen.  The most I have to go on are the pictures that I am showing you, and a short conversation with the breeder.  This is a very rare thing for me to wholeheartedly trust a breeder, but I figure that she has put a bit of faith in me as well.  There is no point in commenting on how that could have been a mistake to buy her.  I trust my instincts and they say she will rock the show ring.

My daughter has already tried to steal her away from my son.  The deal is that once the horse is trained she will be his to use as long as he respects her and takes care of her.  She is for him to show in 4-H and use for rodeo if he desires.  If he decides not to show her she will be passed along to someone who will show her and he will be given a different horse to use.

I hope that makes sense.  I just want the kids to have horses that they will be proud of and not limited by breeding or lack of registration.  Again there is the fact that I also want to show the horses professionally.

If you look in the background of some of these pictures you will see a really cute little odd colored Grey colt peaking out.  Originally I was buying him as well, but there was a miss-communication of sorts between myself and the breeder and he was sold to someone else.  I was really heart broken because I wanted to show him and use him to breed Amira later on.  I have since spoken with the breeder and if all goes well with Fred I am sure that she will trust me enough to give me a heads up when they get another Grey Stud colt.

All of the pictures above were taken just last Saturday by the breeder.  Fred will come to live with us Mid October along with my precious Amira and perhaps a few mystery guests.

Fred has the pedigree to be a winner in and out of the show ring.  Frosty Feature gives speed to the cow sense of the Doc Bar line.  It is a winning combination, I can't wait to see first hand just how well she can perform.  I am including a little bit about her pedigree in this post as well.  As you can tell I am very proud of her already.  I really can't wait until she comes to live with us for good.

sire Truckle Feature (Truly Truckle (TB))

Frosty Feature

 Miss Leo Frost (Leo)

Dorky Frosty Spark 

dam Benito Bar Jack (Docs Benito Bar x Doc Bar x Two Eyed Jack)

Dorky Benito Bar 

 Dorky (Tonto Bar Ted x Tontos Bar Hank)
Frosty Bar Red Glo (2008 bay filly)

sireSputnick Goblin

MB Smart Smokey 

Mia My Doc

Ame Go Red Glo

damDocs Sabre Glo (Doc Red Glo x No Maybes x Doc J Jay)

Tee Bar Jeep

Pines Cuppa Tea (Jeep's Cuppa Tea x Palleos Jeep)

Come on hubby let's get it in gear and get that fence built!

All pictures are provided by Colored Horse Ranch and used with their permission.

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