And the Work Begins.  

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Actually we started attempting to build our small corral fence about 2 weeks ago. Our first attempt yielded nothing but trouble. First we discovered the auger and our tractor weren't entirely compatible. By themselves both work great, but when we combined them we could only get a hole about 6 inches deep. Not nearly the 3 feet we need to build our corral.

Then hubby left the tractor running with the brake on. OOOPS that's not safe, the brake released and the tractor took off down the hill and across the road to the neighbors property. I guess it decided to run away to a place where the work was already done.

My daughter got some wonderful pictures of everyone else working though.

This has to be my favorite picture.  The boys are almost silhouetted against the sunset.  We had to drop the blade in order to hook up the trailer to move it to the back then switch gear so we can hook up the auger so we can dig holes to bury posts in order to string the wire to build the fence.  Phew that was a mouth full.

Almost all of the pictures shown here were taken by my 8 year old daughter.

 She seems to love to get pictures of the sun LOL.  This one was actually pretty though so I had to show it off.  We have a nice little hill that runs right around our house.  It works great for keeping the noise down and blocking the view of the interstate.

Hubby plans on putting something like a gazebo at the top and  having a waterfall and stream run from that down to the bottom.  We will plant trees and bushes all around it and make a little lovers garden to play in.  We hope to have most of it finished in about 5 years when our son graduates High School.

 These pictures may not necessarily be in order so please forgive me if they are not.  Headed down to kook up the trailer so we can move the auger to the back of the property where it will be hidden form view. 

Our place it too pretty to leave equipment laying around like a junk yarn.  I never could stand it when people did that.  Blech.
 Here is hubby and son getting ready to hook up the trailer.  I use son as a counter balance so I can easily lift the tongue and hold it for the ball to slip underneath.

The trailer does have a jack but sometimes it's just not worth fooling with.  It takes longer to jack it up then bring it back down than it does to just lift the trailer.  It's light enough most of the time to work just fine.

Leave it to hubby to have a better idea.  just need to lift it a little then we can drop the bars on the tractor and slip right under it.

Son is sooo happy to be able to help.  He is a lot more of a man than I had realized before.  When he isn't spaced out he is pretty handy.  He's pretty tough for a scrawny little thing too.  After this winter he may even grow a few muscles.
 Alright, you do it, LOL.  I hate fighting with these things.  It's my curse that nothing ever works out the first try.  Let the boy do it, he'll probably get it right the first time anyway.

The last few days we have even been letting him drive the tractor BY HIMSELF.  Scary thought.  Surprisingly he only almost hit a post once.  Of course he isn't allowed to run it over first gear and low speed, but that's enough for him now.  He has a good head on him if he pays attention.
 After walking up and down the hill a few hundred times I decided that it was time to hitch a ride.  The kids and I are riding on the toolbox that was in the trailer.

We have since removed the toolbox to make room for the gates and posts that we will need to build the fence.  I think he likes his tractor, what do you think?  Boys and their toys are so cute LOL.  I am really glad he got it though since we all have horses he really needs something that he can do that doesn't involve annoying me.

 A safe dismount :) We left the trailer behind the hill as well so now it's time for yet another equipment change.  This time we have to remove the bar for the trailer hitch (I have no idea what the thing is called) and add the other bars that we will need to run the 3 point for the auger.

Good thing I am a horse person and not a tractor person or I would be in serious trouble.  Just hook the doohickie up to the thingimabob and let's get to it I want my horses and they want a pen.
Wow I think there is more work involved in preparing to work than actually in the working that needs to be done.  we are still trying to uninstall the bars for the hitch so we can install the ones for the 3 Point .  I wonder why they call it a three point though since it is really more octagonal in shape.  Note to self: don't ask hubby just look it up on the internet.

I hate admitting that I know absolutely nothing about something.  Tractors were never my thing.  Can't stand the stupid smelly things, they are too much like cattle (Insert scene from cars here)
 Finally, time for the other parts.  Hopefully we will be able to hook up the auger soon, I want to get the show on the road already.

Almost a full day and still no fence work getting done.  Patience is still not one of my virtues, but I have so many other good ones so who needs that.  Either I have gotten really wimpy or these things have gotten heavier than I remember.  Time for some weight lifting to build up those arms.

 Another shot of Daddy driving the tractor.  This kid is fearless.  I am not sure how many children would stand directly in front of a moving tractor just to get a picture of daddy driving it, but apparently my daughter would.

I suppose that may help her out later when it's time to ride the horse by herself for the first time.  I thinks she is going to be a fine photographer.  She is already better than me and I have had years of practice.
 AAHHHH finally, the auger.  It's about time.  This could be more difficult than I had anticipated.

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