Sunrise at Allamosta  

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WOW! I can't believe I get to see this sunrise every morning.  I grew up in the country but the sunrise there never quite compared to this.  My camera isn't the best for this kind of photography so all things's a great picture!!!!

We have been at the ranch for a little over a month now.  Well we call it a ranch.  It probably classifies as more of a ranchette given that it is only 35.86 acres, but it is ours and we think of it as a ranch.  Hubby has never owned this much land at one time so for him it truly is a big ranch.  I grew up on a small farm in Western Nebraska with 60+ acres and no restrictions on how we used our land.

Here we do have covenants that I think are a little restrictive, but since we wanted to be closer to town and not live in a dump or have a junk yard next door this was our best option.  Who could complain with that view.  I hadn't realized just how much I miss the sound of the Coyotes and crickets at night until we moved here.  Finally it's home.  My own real home to share with my husband and children.  I wonder if we will survive.

There is sooo much work to be done.  For our money all we got was this rather large beautiful house and the land.  Covenants say that we can't bring the horses out until we have fence (obviously) and at minimum a three sided structure.  The downside is that they have to approve everything before we can build it. 

We have so many plans for our ranch and are so limited on funds patience is certainly not one of my virtues so I am constantly hounding hubby to get things rolling.  I even decided to "just do it myself" once.  I didn't realize city life could age a person so fast...I pulled several muscles in my back and had a hard time walking for weeks.  Pulling out a post never would have been a problem for me before.  I suppose I better be a bit more careful next time.

Well tomorrow the kids and I will head off to a big ranch near Devils Tower, Wyoming to look at some horses for my son and I.  My daughter is still pretty small so she will use my Arabian for 4-H.  I hope to be able to participate in horse shows along with my children.  I think that would be incredibly fun and hopefully it will help the kids and I build a better relationship.

Hubby bought a tractor in Nebraska so we will drop him off on our way.  He has to fix our work truck so he can use it to haul the tractor back to our place.  I will post pictures when/if it gets here.

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