The Ranch House  

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As promised I got a decent (not good, but decent LOL) picture of the ranch house.  I won't be doing any pictures of the inside of the house for security reasons.  I never did see the point of broadcasting the layout and contents of your home on the internet.  Why not just post a sign that reads "I have good stuff come in and get it."

As you can see, we still have a lot of things to do.  Landscaping would be a good start.  We really need to get the corrals up for the horses as we have to pick them up by the middle of next month.

Of course this has to be a difficult month too.  My 3/4 ton Ford Pickup broke down.  All 3 fuel pumps went out on it.  We are still trying to get that fixed.  That's what I get for buying a Ford.  The fuel pump went out on my GMC Suburban.  We spent an entire day and got that up and running again, what a pain that was. 

Someone stole the emergency brake system along with the power coupler off my gooseneck horse trailer.  They also broke out the window to the living quarters I guess in an attempt at stealing the rest of my tack.  There is another 2 to 4 hundred dollar expense that we weren't expecting.  Oh and did I mention that they also stole my antique mule collar that my grandfather gave me before he passed away along with my silver show halters, calf show halters, and any other usable tack that I had left in a locked storage area of my parents barn.  They ripped the door off the wall since they couldn't get the padlock free.  Perhaps if these people worked half as hard at finding a job as they did at ripping me off they could live a respectable life. 

Luckily I had had a bad experience with my saddles not being taken care of properly by family members who thought they had a right to them so I sold them long before I got robbed.  Whoever broke in knew I had more at some point, but they didn't know that I had sold it already as a way to keep it safe.  Funny I have to sell my stuff in order to keep it safe.

I wonder if it will ever end.  I am trying to figure out how to convince a friend or family member to help me out by loaning me a horse trailer for a few days while I pick up the kids horses.  I hate asking them for favors though, it just never ends well for me.

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