Surveying for the Corral Fence.  

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Yuppers you got it right.  We don't do anything half way here.  We even go so far as to survey our property to make absolute certain that everything is exactly where we want it.

Hubby is a Civil Engineer, comes in pretty handy when you want to build something.  Sometimes it can be a pain in the seat though.  Like when you want to get started on something and he can't get the equipment to work right.

 Gotta make sure all of our corners are square somehow and there is no better way to do it than by surveying the area and setting little flags or markers to tell us where to put everything.

Of course I am always the one who gets to run all over the property with the prism so he can stand around and shoot it with the gun.  No fair as much running as I have done I should be a lot skinnier.  Guess I need to work harder.

 YAY! he finally got it working right so now we can set our corners.  I only tripped over a few hundred rocks and stuck my foot in about a dozen holes.  I am really going to have to do something about that.  Holes are not good for horses.

Of course two of them are coming from a more mountainous area of Wyoming so they should be pretty sure footed.  I am concerned about Amira, she was always an accident prone one.  She is the only horse I know that can tear up the same area of the same leg 3 separate times.
Amira would be the main reason why we are taking such care in our building.  I couldn't stand it if she got hurt again.

Hubby and the kids are doing one final check while I am out in the middle of the field running back and forth trying to get my pole in the right spot.  I really need to remember to carry a tape measure with me.  It probably wouldn't hurt to learn North from South without a compass as well.

Surveying is done, Now to turn this into a fence.

Total posts needed 80+ (3 that were 6" x 8' and the remainder were 4" x 8')  All posts are buried 3' in the ground with 5' sticking out.

Total Gates 4

Total length of fence wire 1/2 Mile (we are doing a 4 strand fence for now but have room left for either a top bar or a 5th strand)

Total amount of gasoline 20 gallons

Total size of Corral 150' x 200' (holy cow it's an arena!)

We will be changing the size of the corral once we put in the barn, but for this winter at least this will be our corral and we will use a lean to for the shelter.  The barn will divide the corral in half so we can keep the stud separated from the mares once he matures.

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