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YAY!YAY!YAY I finally found her papers.  I had put them somewhere safe and consequentially forgotten where that safe place was. 

Amira has been a member of my family since she was a yearling.  Foaled in 1992, she has been by my side through 4-H and traveled with us to high school rodeos.  Amira was never a very large horse and has always been babied so she has never had to do as much work as the larger horses have.

We have been trying unsuccessfully to breed her to a palamino Quarter Horse, but she wants none of that.  I wonder if she is just stuck up or if she is barren.  I would really hate to see her line end with her.  Amira is one of the last remaining children of BF Prince Halima, at least as far as I have been able to tell from my searches on the web.

We did a little research at and found pictures of the horses in her lineage.  While many of them look rather large, Amira is a very dainty little girl.  She stands just over 14 hands tall and has the most delicate head I have ever seen.  She is a liver chestnut with flaxen main and tail.

We will be traveling to Nebraska on Monday to take her to the vet to get her Coggins test and Health certificates taken care of so that we can bring her home by the end of the month.  I am soo excited to see her again.  I hope she is doing well, I miss her so much.

Here is some of her pedigree. Pictures to come soon.

sire Morafic (Nazeer x Mansour)


 Bint Mona (Nazeer x Mansour)

BF Prince Halima 

dam Ansata Ibn Halima (Nazeer x Mansour)


 Dazeera (Rashad Ibn Nazeer x Nazeer x Mansour)
(1992 Chestnut filly)

sireChar Echo (Negem x Fa-Serr)

Anchor Hill Chairo 

Anchor Hill Hadga (Hadbah x Fabah)

Schantille Lacce

damTuhotmos (El Sareei x Shahloul)

Lacy Curtain

Zarhara (Zarhar x Moftakhar)

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