Wahooo! They are all home.  

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We went to get Amira on Saturday after my daughter and I spent the morning in Fort Collins for Girl Scouts.  We had a few minor troubles getting her papers picked up my Mother in Law was a big help.  She ran down to the vet and grabbed them for me before they closed.

The kids like going out to visit Murphy since he always pulls a horse of some sort out and leads them around on it.  This time they got to ride his mule, Hercules.  Such a big dumb animal you just can't help but love him LOL.  Of course he is all they can talk about whenever we go out there.

Amira was being a bit of a butt in the trailer on the way home.  Swaying back and forth and rocking the whole rig.  Think she must have been bored out of her mind.  The poor dear had no one to travel with.  We made it home at about 8:30.  It was 9 by the time we got everything unloaded so we could unload her though. 

Dad managed to save a small portion of my gear.  Most of it is pretty ratty thanks to kids dragging it out and leaving it in the fields.  Luckily i found someone that can clean and repair some of it.  Amira will be happy to have the heavy wool blanket for this, her first, Wyoming winter.  
We also got 2 of my 3 tire hay feeders, the small one that was bought for Amira because the other horses wouldn't let her eat out of the big ones, and one of the 2 large ones.  None of my buckets or grain feeders were available.  Sis and her kids used the ones we could find for their hogs and calf so I just left them.  

Sunday we were up by 5:30 and on the road by 6:30 for our long trek to Devils Tower to pick up the two Quarter Horse babies.  Doc is much bigger than we had expected.  Fred is simply gorgeous.

Hubby borrowed a stock trailer from a friend at the Harris Ranch near Laramie Wyoming so that we would be able to get them here.  Could you imagine trying to load two horses that aren't even halter broke into a two horse trailer?  As it was Hubby wanted Fred in the front of the trailer since she was obviously the bigger of the two. 

None of the rest of us thought we could make that happen, but we also didn't want to argue with Hubby.  Ever met a Donky?  Well it would be easier to argue with the donkey than hubby when he makes up his mind.

I have to say, there are some real horsemen at the ranch where Doc and Fred came from.  Most of them were patient, gentle, and quiet.  Letting Fred decide that it would be more comfortable in the trailer by herself than outside the trailer with us people.  One of them, though, can only be described as an old fashioned cowboy, or perhaps a mountain man, but only noisier. 

He fit the bill alright.  Waving his arms and yelling like he was pushing a herd of longhorns across the plains.  Big ol scruffy beard to keep his face warm on the windy Wyoming prairie.  The picture he set was hilarious.  Not in a bad way, though, I would love to have gotten a black and white picture of him with a dusty ol herd of cattle in the background, priceless.

The best part was after going in kicking and screaming like a two year old child, Fred took her time to get to the front of the trailer and didn't mind the gate closing behind her.  I was completely shocked that she didn't throw a fit then and there.  I was not nearly as surprised at that as I was at what happened next.

Let me set the stage for you.  We had to back the trailer in with the gate open so we could butt the trailer up to a post and block any exit the horses may choose from that direction.  This means that we also have to pull the truck forward with an untamed horse loaded on the back while simultaneously closing the gate, not spooking the yearling colt, preventing any thoughts of escape he may have.

Now that you have a picture of the scene to this point I will continue.  We fought Fred for nearly an hour trying to coax her into the trailer.  Making her very uncomfortable outside the trailer but trying not to spook her too much at the same time.  I thought she was going to try to jump the fence a few times, and a lesser horse would have at that.  Not Fred, she is much too smart for that.  Finally we managed to squeeze her into the trailer and got the divider gate closed.  Time for Doc.

Hubby is in the truck with his instructions to pull forward slowly while we close the gate behind him.  Doc enters the small corral that housed the battle with Fred only moments before.  He looks at the trailer and sees the pretty girl inside waiting for his companionship, and hops in.  No muss no fuss.  Hubby of course is still sitting there while the rest of us are trying to tell him to move forward without spooking the young horse back out of the trailer.

The trip home was pretty uneventful, with one exception.  Someone blew past us early on our trip home and it spooked Fred a little.  She threw a bit of a fit and managed to give herself a good cut just above her eye.  The whole trip home I was pouting because I was just sure that small cut has ruined her halter career.  Hubby was doing his best to cheer me up, but I wanted none of it.  Fred has as close to a perfect head as I have ever seen on a horse.  Soft, kind looking eyes, shapely cheeks, smooth coloring.  She is just beautiful.  And now I have gone and ruined her because I didn't do a good enough job checking the trailer for hazards before we left.  Fred's eye is healing nicely though and looks like it may not scar at all.

Doc is just so laid back that he doesn't seem to mind us at all.  He is an amazing beauty as well.  I absolutely adore him.  Last night he was giving me kisses in exchange for grain yummies.  he would even com up and take it from me.  Tonight I will attach some hooks to the fence posts so the grain buckets can be hung from them.  This way my hands are free to move around.

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