AmiraSchanthalima Part 2  

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  We made it down to see her on Monday, but I kept forgetting my camera to post pictures. She is looking pretty good these days. Amira is almost the horse I left 13 years ago. She is a bit older now and has had a hard life since I left her, but that will all change soon. 

She will get to spend her days playing with the kids and eating till her hearts content.  I am so happy that Amira is still the gentle sweet horse that she has always been.  She was, is, and will always be my favorite horse and now my kids understand why.
 Amira hasn't had a person on her back in at least 3 years and even then her training was never completely finished.  She carried my children as though she had never stopped being a saddle horse.  Even when my son carelessly (he doesn't know better) plopped himself on her back, she just took it in stride and gave him a ride he could enjoy.

My son is now almost my size, and age, when I broke her in and began using her in 4-H.  She has been in parades and horse shows and she traveled with us to rodeos and well pretty much everywhere.
 Because of her kind heart Amira has always been my kids horse.  We have used her to lead small children around and let them learn that horses and fun.  Her small stature makes her a perfect horse for my tiny daughter.  The girls look perfect together don't they.

Caitlin is so excited to have her especially after we decided to let them take a short ride just to test the waters.  I picked up an inexpensive endurance saddle to train the kids in.  It looks like a combination of an English saddle with western skirts and girth.  The benefit is that it doesn't have swells or a cantle and most notably a saddle horn for them to rely on.Not having these items will require the kids use proper posture and give them better contact with their legs.  and they won't have the saddle horn crutch.  The saddle is also lighter for Amira to carry so I am sure that she will appreciate that as well. 
 We have been told that Amira finally chose a mate.  After trying to get her bred for nearly ten years and her rejecting every stallion we have ever thrown in with her even to the point of beating them up.  She chose a handsome little solid black paint stud.

He is certainly a cute bugger and gentle as well.  His temperament seemed to match hers pretty well.  I do hope that she is with foal because I would so hate to lose her line.  I have never met a kinder gentler mare and I probably never will.
The gentleman you see leading her around in all the pictures is none other than Terry Murphy from Oregon Trail Wagon Train.  He has been a friend of my family for as long as I can remember.  His methods and mine probably never will see eye to eye but it is undeniable that he has a way with horses.

Murphy helped me rescue Amira and agreed to keep her at his place with his horses for a small fee.  Without his help I would have lost her forever and so I can not thank him enough for what he has done not only for me, but for my horse and my children.

If you are looking for some good stock ponies or a horse to ride, or you would like to experience the Oregon trail the way the pioneers would have, please give Murphy a call.  Let him know I sent you.

To visit the Oregon Trail Wagon Train web site click the link above or copy and paste into your browsers address bar.

The cute little stud that Amira chose as her mate is available for purchase if anyone is interested.  Just give Murphy a call to work out the details.

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