Clicker Training! Day 2  

Posted by Serenity

I did a little research in the morning to make sure that I wasn't missing anything.  OOPS!  I have been doing it wrong.  It should be click then treat not treat while clicking.  That does make more sense.  After work I will have to try it again.  Hubby has agreed to help run the colts into the round pen this weekend.  I am so hopeful that I can get closer to them the easier way.

When we got home I decided that the kids could come help with the chores while I took the feed buckets to the far end where the round pen is and see if I can coax one of them in.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Doc followed me right in and he was all alone BONUS.  Now that I have him here it is time to teach him.  All I have to do is remember it's click then treat.  It worked wonders.  By the time his session ended he was following grain in my pocket, around the pen.  I guess he forgives me at least a little bit. 

Fred's turn.  She will be the difficult one to convince since she really doesn't care much for the grain if it means getting close to a people.  Or so I thought.  Fred had been watching Doc and I and I guess she decided that she wanted to get in on that action.  I opened the gate to let Doc out and Fred went in.  It couldn't have been that way if I had planned it.  Fred spooked the first few times I clicked but all in all it went well she was eating from my hand and letting me rub her nose a bit.  I think I am gonna like this clicker training thing.

I fed Fred in the round pen while I held the bucked close against me.  This way the other two could finish their dinner without her stealing from them.  After she was finished I opened the gate and walked out with her bucket.  Fred walked out and of all things Amira walked in for her turn.  Oh dear I hadn't planned on that.  I only had enough treats for the colts not the 19 year old trained kids horse.  Fred and I played a bit.  I started jogging and she trotted with me.  I stopped and she stopped pretending to be uninterested in what I was doing.  Amira was still in the round pen.

I went back to chase Amira out so I could shut the gate and Fred walks in.  Who would have thought that my biggest problem wouldn't be getting them in, but getting them out instead LOL.  Amira absolutely refused to leave the round pen until she got her clicker training session.  I had to convince her that I would give her a session tonight before we leave for Girl Scouts.  So much for Clicker training being a quick thing in the cold I am up to 45 minutes of round pen work between three horses.  But they are all lining up for this and you really can't beat that.

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